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AptExpert.com is your best resource for finding an apartment for rent, with fast, free and friendly service from the Bay area to the Woodlands.  I can help you find the perfect place to match your wants and needs in any area of the greater Houston, Texas metroplex. 

Hello and welcome! I'm Kathy Curtis, a licensed real estate agent specializing in apartment rental and relocation.  AptExpert.com  is my small business website, thank you for visiting,  

I hope you'll find it helpful and informative.      

 A little about me - I joined my broker company, Texas Apartment Locators, in 1992 as assistant to the owner. At that time we had 7 office locations throughout Houston, 2 in Dallas, 2 in San Antonio and 1 in Austin. I was able to work at all the Houston offices but our Clear Lake office was closer to home and that's where I landed. My area of expertise extends well beyond the Clear Lake and Bay area. I'm knowledgeable with all the neighborhoods, cities and towns throughout Houston. I've been a remote field agent for over 7 years via AptExpert.com which has provided a way for me to work 7 days a week and take care of my two assistants, two 75# Boxers! I love 🐾 dogs, cats, animals. Being a native Houstonian I've lived, worked and done business in almost every part of Houston. Becoming an apartment locator was a natural step for me having come from a lengthy background in apartment leasing and management. Although I'm licensed to sell houses it's not what I do, I love apartment locating, it's my niche and my passion. Helping people find their apartment home is really a great experience! You're happy, I'm happy and that's what helping people is all about! ✌️ 

Please call me when you're ready to look for your apartment 281-414-5258 

Why use AptExpert.com?

  • I've helped thousands of customers find apartments they love! They haven't all been perfect, but they were either the only property they could afford, qualify for, or they were "home" and it made them happy! That's what I love about being an apartment locator! I get to help my customers find a home, that's one of the most important and personal decisions you will make!  

  • I keep in contact with many of my customers, we become friends through the process and some have become like family. 

  • My job does not revolve around who pays the highest commission, sure I have bills to pay too but I have to find the property that is the right fit, whether it's price, or size or availability and many times it's about all of those things combined.     

  • I'm here for my customers all day every day, 7 days a week via phone, text, email.

  • I'm honest, trustworthy and I'll work hard and sometimes I have to work for free! There are some properties that don't work with apartment locators or only work with a certain lease term but I'll still help if I can, and sometimes my customer forgets to put my name on the visit card/guest card and application! That's why I've listed that so many times on the site and in the emails and texts I sent when helping customers find their apartments!  
  • I have an exceptional work ethic, a caring attitude and genuine concern for my customers, that's the only way I have managed to stay in this highly competitive industry for so long. I follow through in every aspect of the apartment search and leasing process.
  • I'm dedicated to earning your respect first and foremost; your repeat business; and your referrals.
  • In addition to my experience and education, I study the apartment market, track trends, and stay abreast of the multi-family rental industry. I do this to be able to provide you with the level of service that you expect and deserve.
  • My reputation is very important to me and excellence in customer service is my promise to you. I've got several awards on my wall that say "Excellence In Service" or "Outstanding Achievement" and several others that say "Top Locator of the Year" and that's not me bragging, it's simply saying, "I will work hard for you"! 
  • I can provide helpful resources for additional needs such as reputable movers, electricity providers, internet and cable companies, washer and dryer rental, furniture rental, or renter insurance, etc.
Where you choose to live is a big decision for you or for your family and I will never take that decision lightly Let's do this together. 

  • I have access to an extensive rental database which allows me to provide you with a detailed apartment list package in an easy format that will include property pictures, amenities, names and addresses, deposits, and more all specifically tailored to your apartment rental requests.  Our database includes the entire Houston, Texas area and beyond, from as far south as Galveston to Katy in far west Houston, and as far north as Conroe. Traditional, garden style apartments, townhomes, lofts, managed condos, luxury mid-rise, and high-rise rentals or penthouses.      
  • Apartment management teams and property owners rely on experienced apartment locators to send qualified prospects to their properties, I match the person to the most suitable property to avoid wasting time for you as the renter and the leasing teams.   
  • While there's a lot of information online, there's no replacement for service, personal knowledge, and a caring human being to assist you with your search.     

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Why should I use an apartment locator instead of looking on my own? 

  • As your agent and apartment finder, my job is to narrow the apartment search to properties in the area that fit your requests. Whether it's a certain size of 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms and, where available, 4 bedrooms or a certain price, I will do whatever it takes to find it.  I call each property that's a potential match to speak on your behalf, that can involve asking about unit availability, best price, specials, look and lease incentives and discounts or inquiring about whether your qualifications match their requirements for approval.    
  • I've personally toured hundreds of properties from all over Clear Lake to the urban core of Houston and other suburban areas. I tour brand new apartments at open houses for agents to newly renovated communities so I'm not just sending you random lists of apartments that I've never seen.  
  • I stay abreast of changes in owners or management companies. I get first news of brand new apartments from the time they break ground to now leasing. 
  • I know the neighborhoods, locations, and areas! I'm a native Houstonian, so having lived, worked and done business throughout the area, I'm able to assist you in choosing the properties most convenient to work, school or daily activities. 
  • I've heard it all, the good, bad and the ugly! From "it doesn't look like the picture", or "the maintenance department isn't performing as promised", "there's not enough parking", to "there are bugs everywhere"! No property will ever be perfect 100% of the time but there are many that strive to maintain the highest standards of living environments for their residents. It's not just luxury communities hitting the mark either, I've found many moderate priced apartments providing the same level of service that you expect and deserve.         
  • Texas apartment locators are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission as sales or broker agents. Our businesses are regulated by TREC and we adhere to a strict code of ethics, moral conduct and a high standard of practices. We are required to continue our education through a series of mandated courses to stay on top of constantly changing laws, regulations and the general practice of real estate including legal, ethics and fair housing. 
  • You don't pay funds of any kind directly to me! All financial transactions are paid directly to the apartment management offices, therefore, you're at no risk of a scam or fraudulent activities when using my apartment locator service.    
  • Call me today- let me help you!  

Check Out This Article From Houstonia Magazine. I was super excited to be a part of this article! 

Around 2012 and 2013, Houston apartment rental rates started to increase at a rapid pace and they were being leased as fast as they were available. Shortly after, Houstonia Magazine contacted my broker and myself, Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators for our feedback and thoughts about the Houston rental market or as the article is called "The Rent Race". That's what it really felt like! As soon as we released information to our customer they had to jump on the apartment or it was gone, in some properties, that's still the case. There was a brief respite due to oil and gas prices which caused job loss in Houston areas.  Since then, coupled with the high cost of land, construction, building materials, and skilled labor shortages, prices have skyrocketed and luxury living is the new normal for Houston. Recently built communities are bringing in renters with high incomes, who in turn pay the luxury rental prices and they get top shelf service, an abundance of amenities with a choice location that's typically in a close proximity to their job, daily activities and entertainment or cultural preferences. Midrise and luxury highrise apartments in almost every neighborhood from Uptown near the Galleria to Houston's urban core and the majority of suburban areas in 2019.     

Click on the picture to read our interview and the remainder of the story. 

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How Does This Work? 

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Additional Facts 

When Using An Apartment Locator


When shopping for an apartment locator or apartment finder service, you don't need to call multiple agents, in fact, that can cause problems.    

All apartment locators, while they may not be equal in service, experience or property knowledge, have access to the same apartment listings. Contacting more than 1 apartment locator can be confusing, and only one agent will be paid for your rental! You don't want to have agents working hard and doing everything they can to assist you and not get paid for the service they provided! If you have contacted other apartment locators and provided the same apartment search criteria, "apples to apples", the results or outcome will be the same. On occasion, apartment owners and leasing or management teams will offer deals or specials exclusively through our service, but as a general rule, most offer those deals equally to all agents to pass on to you.  

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Your only obligation when using my service is to list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators on the Registration/Guest Cards/initial contacts and again on your Rental/Lease Application as "how you found the community"! 

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3rd Party Database Disclaimer: 

Please be advised: All information from our third-party database is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. When updates occur within the database, things can be miscommunicated. Most apartment owners also utilize a dynamic software program to set pricing which can make prices change from day to day or week to week. This software is based on a variety of factors from vacant units, units leased, leases expiring, floorplan or size, location, interior upgrades, etc.. This makes prices fluctuate frequently and specials or incentives can also change without notice. We can obtain a quote,  and once a quote is given, it's generally good for a period of 24 to 48 hours unless the unit is rented to someone else. While every effort is made to update the software by the third party, we do not have access to the data program and are unable to go into the system to update it ourselves.

I have subscribed to our database for 25+ years and find it to be the most useful tool in my toolbox.  

I will update your prices, availability, and other important information in detailed notes within your apartment search package via the "memo" sections and also prior to you visiting the properties however that can only be accomplished if I know when you plan to do that.   

Unit prices are based on: move date, availability, location of the unit you requested (ie - ground floor; view; unit upgrades; etc.), add ons such as garage or covered parking, storage and the lease term. All of these variables play a part in the price equation. In addition, your price is contingent on the date you fill out your rental application, pay the required fees for application, administration fee, and security deposits.  

Please note that pictures shown are not representative of every apartment offered at a community. Our advertised listings via this site and other advertising platforms are accurate at the time of posting, based on the same variables stated above, but are subject to change without notice. Not all apartments have the same features, price, view, layouts. This is, in no way, meant to be fraudulent or deceptive advertising. My goal is always to provide the most accurate and honest representation of any property advertised or recommended.    

It’s also my sincere attempt to offer the lowest price available at any given property as a way to save you money. Now that I've described every possible negative scenario, please trust that I have your best interest at heart!  

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