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Apartment Leasing Questions & Answers  

Apartment Faqs And Helpful Rental Information  

Questions? Call Kathy Curtis 

Apartment Rental Questions and Answers

Apartment rental faqs, common questions and answers for apartment search, applying for apartments, leasing or renting resources, apartment rental search answers, qualifications and criteria, additional fees involved, what you need to bring when touring properties, application, and useful information for apartment leasing with my free apartment locator and finder service.   

Faqs - Apartment Leasing, Viewing, Qualifying

  • You will be required to provide a valid picture ID to tour apartment property when you visit the leasing offices: Driver License or Passport, and all adults (18+) must present acceptable identification for this purpose to tour the apartments, vacant units, models or community amenities.
  • Many property leasing offices aren't allowed to tour or show apartments during storm or inclement weather events due to liability issues.  

  • Most properties require that your gross income equals 3 times the monthly rent, or more, as part of the qualifications for standard apartment approval; you may be asked to provide proof of your income with recent paycheck stubs, offer letter of employment or in some cases bank statements or IRS Returns, the requirements vary by property. There are some properties that require only 2.5 times the monthly rent as income to qualify but that is not the majority.   

What is the criteria when reviewing my application?

  1. As part of the application process, apartment owners or owner representatives review a comprehensive report including credit history, criminal background, and public records search.
  2. Factors that can negatively influence a decision include but are not limited to FICO score, debt to income ratio, rent to income ratio, evictions, judgments, criminal convictions, collections, charge offs, payday loans, repossession, unsettled bankruptcies or recent bankruptcies, and current or recent rental and credit delinquency.
  3. Resident selection criteria include a credit check, background check, rental history check, and income verification. All occupants over the age of 18 will have a background check. Please note property management companies will vary in their qualifications. 
Contact Kathy Curtis 281-414-5258 to assist you with your apartment search today!     

Q. Do I need to come to your office or meet with you in person by appointment? 

A. No,  you can skip the trip and the traffic! You don't have to leave the comfort of your apartment home or office to use my apartment locator services! I can assist you wherever you are. is fully online for your convenience. I'm a field agent and work remotely so I'm rarely at the Bay Area Boulevard location but I can meet you by appointment if that's your preference. Call me 281-414-5258 or 281-842-7965 or submit your contact form and I'll contact you to discuss your apartment search details. I'm available to you 7 days a week via phone, text, and email or with some advance notice by personal appointment at my office. Your contact information is not shared with anyone and comes directly to me via a secure server. I will supply every detail you need for your apartment search in an easy format tailored to your price, location and amenity preference requests. Each property listing is itemized with detailed information and will be updated with pricing, specials, or discounts prior to your touring or visiting the properties - please contact me to set up appointments for you

Lease through my service at a qualified apartment and report your rental information to receive a  "rebate or gift card"! 

Call for details 281-414-5258 today! 

Q. What do I need bring with me when I tour/visit the apartment communities?​

A. You will need a valid picture ID such as a driver's license or passport to view an apartment. To apply for an apartment, it's helpful to have your paycheck stubs or verification of income, or offer letter of employment, prior employment paperwork, landlord contacts and or copies of prior lease or rental history.

Q. What is an application fee; what is an administration fee and why do I have to pay them? 

A. An application fee is required when applying for an apartment and may require an administration fee also. The application fee is non-refundable;  the administration fee may be refundable however this varies widely by property and individual scenario.  Every property management company has different policies. It's always best to ask prior to filling out the application and submitting fees. Apartment leasing offices or landlords charge an application fee to process your rental application for running the credit check, rental history check, employment, income verification, and background checks. The apartment owner pays a third party to process the application and they're passed on to you.  There may be specials such as "look and lease" incentives offered. is your best resource for finding these just as for finding your apartment and all that goes along with it. Applications are no longer processed by the leasing or management staff to avoid liability issues, legal problems in handling sensitive and confidential information and to maintain the fair and equal housing opportunity guidelines.  

Q. How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For A Lease? What Information is Needed?

A. As little as 10 minutes to 10 days, every apartment community or owner representative company can differ in the time frame. Applications are not processed by onsite leasing/management staff. Independent companies perform the process once application fees, administration fees and deposits are paid via the leasing office or their online website per their guidelines. Most apartment leasing offices now accept electronic or credit card payments for rent, many also accept electronic fees however there are some that require a money order or cashier's check for initial fees and deposits. Having all the required documents such as paycheck stubs, employment letter, driver license, copies of leases can expedite the application and approval process. Call 281-414-5258 with questions.  

Q. What are the qualifications or criteria considered to be approved for an apartment?

A. When evaluating and processing your apartment rental application - these items are considered: 

1. Credit History - acceptable credit history as a rule but varies by property,  may be approved with a higher deposit or fee depending on property or management company, as long as other financial criteria is met; 

2. Verifiable employment with income or proof of ability to pay rent - the standard is 3 times the "market rent" for the apartment as gross verifiable income to qualify but can be higher or lower - co-signers or guarantors will be considered but also varies by property and guarantors which have to be nearly perfect, are only accepted for insufficient income, not in the instance of a broken lease or background issue;

3. Rental History - 1st time renters can generally be almost always be approved with either a slightly higher deposit or small risk fee as long as other financial criteria are met, but again, it does vary by property, not all properties charge a higher deposit or fee for a first time renter;

4. A Criminal History Background Check is required for every occupant over the age of 18 when applying for an apartment. Disclose and discuss prior to apartment search - this question is also listed on the rental application and if not disclosed can cause loss of admin fees and security deposits - application fees are not refundable under most circumstances, admin fees may or may not be refundable - it's best to disclose anything that could be a potential issue;

5. Broken lease  or any outstanding landlord debt can negatively affect apartment approval and should be discussed prior to the apartment search with your apartment locator to avoid losing costly application fees!  Eviction will be cause for denial or negatively affect apartment approval, so again, please discuss prior with your apartment locator so I can be sure to send you to a property that may consider the eviction. There are some second chance properties that may be able to work with an eviction, depending on age and, or reason for the eviction, balance owed, if good rental history since, etc.  

Have a Question?

Have a question? I would be happy to help. Suggestions for the site? I'm open to your feedback. Submit your question or comments using this simple form. All correspondence submitted remains confidential.     

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Q. How much does your apartment locator or apartment finder service cost?

A. Our service is 100% FREE to you. There's no catch, our service is paid for by the property owner after you lease and move into your apartment. Our business model is similar or compared to travel agents or realtors. It's standard real estate, lease transaction. All that's required for me to be paid is that you let the leasing offices know Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators referred you when you visit in person, and if you lease online, select "apartment locator" but my my name and company must also be listed as the "how you found the property" or referral source on the rental applications and some properties have an addendum to sign when you sign the lease paperwork.  Whether your applying online or in person, if there's no space provided, and that does happen, please contact me or the leasing office for further instruction and to confirm how to proceed! Online applications can be very confusing, often when you register with the community online when you apply online, there's not a place to put my name or company! The initial goal is to get you to lease, not to identify the agent or referral source so I understand how it happens but please know, I'm always a text, email or phone call away 281-414-5258 or [email protected] and I know you don't want me to work for Free, literally, right? ;>) 

Q. My credit is not good, will you still be able to help me find an apartment? 

A. Yes is the answer in most cases, and I'll work hard to help you. As an experienced apartment locator, I have access to properties with the flexibility to consider some prospective renters with credit issues. Some are known as second chance properties, some are simply more able to work with what may be considered a low credit score. They may charge a higher deposit or non-refundable risk fee depending on your particular credit or rental history situation. Most apartments have criteria for approval that includes good credit, some require average but approval is not usually based on credit score alone. The applications are no longer processed by on site leasing or management office personnel, and the management representatives are also not at liberty to discuss credit score or make guarantees but they welcome all to apply. During our initial consultation, I'll ask questions in an attempt to prequalify you:  questions about credit, income, previous or current rental history, background, etc. My goal is to help you, although you may find the questions invasive or too personal, the more I know, the better I'm able to assist in finding apartments who are better suited for your needs relating to your particular situation. It's best to express concerns upfront with me.  I'm trying to avoid your losing costly application and administration fees, and the disappointment of finding out you're denied for an apartment without an explanation, wasted time and wasted money. Not all apartments qualify based on the same criteria but they all adhere to the Federal Fair Housing Act which requires them to treat everyone equally. The leasing and management representatives do not have direct access to your credit; rental history; or background history when your application has been processed; nor will they be able to provide you with a copy of your credit history. They cannot discuss detailed specifics of your denial nor can they guarantee approval! I'm also not able to guarantee your approval however if I'm given all the facts, I can point you toward the properties that can work with certain issues. 

Q. Why should I use your service to find my apartment instead of apartment hunting on my own? 

A. There are so many online apartment listing sites and apps but they in all honesty, they don't list all of the apartment, townhome and condo properties! They only list the communities that pay to advertise on their platform which means you could be missing out on a property or a several that could be a perfect fit for you; these online sites are simply unable to keep up with the constantly changing prices, availability, and specials, sometimes there's no special listed at all and not one word about qualifying criteria! I've had many customers tell me that it's confusing, time consuming and overwhelming to navigate the maze of information online! When you use my apartment locator service via I do all the work and research for you! I also have access to an extensive rental database similar to the MLS that Realtors use. You'll be provided with every detail of the property from the year it was built to how many units are in the community, assigned schools, pet weight, fees, amenities, maps, and so much more. Most importantly, my knowledge and experience will be invaluable to you. My apartment locator and finder service is hassle free, stress free and Free to you! That's a win, win, win! 

I'll narrow down your apartment search to a manageable list of properties that most closely match your requests, or you can search the database and tell me which properties are your favorites; I'll complete the details needed for you, and update the information prior to your visiting the community leasing offices.     

You might be thinking "nothing is free"! It's truly 100% Free! After you move in, pay your rent in a timely manner, and maintain your end of the lease agreement, our service is paid from the property's marketing and advertising budget. Using my service will not increase your rental price, I can ordinarily find reduced prices, specials, look and lease incentives and discounts you wouldn't find on your own. I'm in constant contact with the apartment leasing teams. My broker company, Texas Apartment Locators, has done business with apartment owners in Houston, Texas since 1975 and we are a trusted and reputable name in the apartment rental and locator industry.  

Q. What if I am a first time apartment renter? 

A. No problem! Most Houston apartments are able to work with first-time renters, providing other financial criteria or qualifying criteria is met. Some properties may ask for additional security deposits or 1st time renter fee as a one time charge; students may need a co-signer or guarantor. In this case, you would still be responsible for the rental payment, however if you default on the apartment lease payment or contract, your guarantor or co-signer is also held responsible. You will still be building your own rental history with a co-signer as the person or persons to sign an addendum guaranteeing payment for the apartment lease and rent payments. The guarantor or co-signer must also qualify; fill out required applications and pay the application fees to apply. This scenario is usually exclusive to students attending colleges or universities in the area but can also include cases such as insufficient income*. Co-signers or guarantors are held to a higher standard for income; cannot have broken leases or outstanding landlord debt; background issues; recent or current bankruptcy; recent or current foreclosure; and must have maintained a good credit score to be considered. Qualification guidelines for co-signers vary from community to community, excellent to satisfactory credit; excellent rental or mortgage history; and a gross monthly income equal to 4-6 times the amount of the monthly market rate. Contact me for more details, I'll do all the legwork for you and confirm special co-signer requirements prior to your application.   

Q. How Long of a Lease Will I Need to Sign?

A. Most apartments offer a year lease term for best price or specials. There are some properties that offer 13 to 18 months for best price or specials. Many offer 6 month lease terms however, prices can increase with the use of dynamic software which has become commonplace in apartment management. The price can increase significantly even with a 6 month lease term in most cases but varies property to property. There are some properties that offer a 3 month lease term but with a substantially higher premium almost always! If the apartment property offers 3 months, it will typically be at market rate and some have additional short term upcharges. There are also corporate apartments that may prove to be a better or alternate option. The corporate style apartment offers the convenience of move in ready with everything included but will also with a premium rate. It's not possible to provide an accurate quote until the area, lease term and requested options are determined however it will still be less than an extended stay hotel and provide many more conveniences, amenities and almost always are pet friendly.     

Q. I'm ready, what do I do next to get started using your service to find my new apartment?

A.Fill out the "Start Search" quick contact form, text or call 281-414-5258. I'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss more details to better assist you. ( 1, 2 or 3 bedroom, price range, location or area, pets, specifics that are important to you).

Q. Can I purchase a home through you now or in the future? 

A. My specialty is apartment locating, if you're looking for a new home, I can assist you. If you're in the market for a resale home, I'll refer you to an experienced and reputable Realtor. I'm a licensed real estate sales agent but apartment locating is my niche! You deserve a highly recommended and experienced realtor for the long term investment that a home purchase brings, just as you deserve an experienced and highly recommended apartment locator to assist you in finding your apartment home! You've probably heard the saying, "stay in your lane"!  I try to stay in mine however, I will do whatever it takes to help you with whatever means I have at my disposal.        

Fill out this form and we'll find your apartment for you free

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Did You Know when you lease an apartment in Houston . . . ?

There are fees to apply for an apartment, and every occupant over the age of 18 must also have a background check!

“One Time Fees”

(These fees may be required to be in money order/cashier’s check form, unless credit card/online payments are accepted upfront prior to occupancy).

Typical Examples of Fees:

Application Fee per adult, may be higher for a married couple

$35 to $65 is customary

(Non-refundable fee paid by applicant for processing and verification of application information).

Lease Fee/Administrative Fee

$75 to $250 is customary

(Non-refundable fee required to offset expenses incurred by management. If the application is rejected by management, the non-refundable lease fee will be refunded as long as information is deemed truthful. If applicant cancels after the standard set time listed on application, from 48 to 72 hours of submitting application, the non-refundable lease or administration fee can be retained by owner/management. If the application is canceled or rejected by apartment owner/management, the Reservation Fee is typically refunded).

Security Deposit or Reservation Fee

(Becomes a refundable Security Deposit upon execution of the lease agreement*. Amounts vary by property and floorplan. Deposit may be applied by apartment owner/management to satisfy all or part of the resident’s obligations upon move out.* If the application is canceled or rejected by management, will be refunded unless there is false information).*


Sure Deposit – In lieu of a standard security deposit the apartment owner/management may require a sure deposit, this is non refundable.

Did You Know when you lease an apartment in Houston . . . ?

 There are fees to apply for an apartment? Everyone over the age of 18 must also have

a background check. 

(These fees may be required to be paid in money order, cashier’s check, or may be paid with a credit card on their property website if they have an online payment acceptance system, upfront prior to occupancy).

Q. I'm ready, let’s get started!?

Contact me to find out if I can help you find an apartment with a look and lease incentive to waive a portion of your application or admin fee or both - as an apartment locator, I know where the specials are! 

Lease through my service, get a gift card at a qualifying property! As a licensed agent, I must have prior property approval, contact me for details 281-414-5258  

Typical Examples of Fees:

Application Fee for anyone over the age of 18 to occupy the apartment

Fees vary property from $35 to $60  

(Non-refundable fee paid by the applicant for processing and verification of application information).

Lease Fee/Administrative Fee

$75 to $250 is the average 

(Also non-refundable. If the application is denied, the non-refundable admin or lease fee may or may not be refunded depending on the property. If the applicant cancels after the standard set time listed on the application, from 48 to 72 hours of submitting an application, the non-refundable lease or administration fee is usually retained by owner/management). I can sometimes find look and lease incentives so you don't have to pay one or the other or sometimes both are waived, depends on the property, contact me prior to application! 

Security Deposit or Reservation Fee

(Becomes a refundable Security Deposit upon execution of the lease agreement*. Amounts vary by property and floorplan. Deposit may be applied by apartment owner/management to satisfy all or part of the resident’s obligations upon move out.* If the application is canceled or denied by management, may or may not be refunded, varies by situation and property).*


Sure Deposit – In lieu of a standard security deposit the apartment owner/management may require a Sure Deposit, this is nonrefundable but considerably lower amount than a regular security deposit, from $87. to $131. and acts as a bond to cover up to a certain amount of possible damages to the apartment! 

Monthly Recurring Charges Paid to the

apartment owner/management where you lease, you are responsible for these fees. 

(Most apartment communities do not include electricity although there are some that do. I can provide you with electricity provider contact information. You will be able to choose the electric provider and pay that company directly for your usage* unless sub-metered electricity or electricity is included in your rent*).

Examples shown below:

Rent – as agreed to per your signed lease.


Trash Fee – varies by owner/management of apartment, may be valet trash service.

$7 to $35


Utility Administrative Fee – standard fee for most properties


(Monthly administrative fee that covers the cost of reading, billing and system maintenance for the utility billing systems).


Water Charges – Sometimes referred to as sub-metered water.

Variable could be $8.00 to $70+

(Monthly water usage measured and billed, based on the prevailing rates as established by the local municipalities and will vary based on consumption and property).


Pest Control – (ranges from $1.50 to $5.00 monthly as an average).


Gas – varies by property, only if the apartment community has natural gas (for hot water heaters, heating, ranges/stoves, etc.)


Pet Deposit/Pet Fee – Part of which may be non-refundable*, a one time fee and varies by apartment owner/management.

Pet Rent* – recurring monthly – varies by apartment owner/management.

Renter Insurance or Renter Liability Policy

Most apartment owners/management companies require proof of renter insurance/liability policy. Check with your leasing office prior to application and they will provide a link for the preferred company, I can also assist with contact information.

Examples shown below:

What are the differences in Townhouses, Lofts, Condos, High-Rise or Apartments?

Most communities are considered garden style apartments, 1 to 4 floors, usually with a pool, common maintained areas and amenities, manicured grounds and landscaping, and as a resident you'll enjoy free maintenance, 24 hour emergency maintenance, among other management staff services. 

Townhomes are usually situated within an apartment community.  They are most commonly split level floorplans, with no neighbors living above you or below you and rent like a traditional apartment. There are a few communities that are townhome only rentals scattered throughout greater Houston. 

 A High Rise apartment community is much more prominent in the urban areas, with multiple floors, almost always considered a luxury apartment rental with a wider array of amenities. Mid Rise apartments are newer built, luxury communities with 4 to 7 floors and amenities are similar to a Hi-Rise.

Lofts in Houston vary by location in their design. A traditional loft can be from a large open space to having exposed ductwork or brick accent walls, to a townhome floorplan with an open area or space upstairs, that allows you to view part of the ground floor of the unit.  

Condos are similar to apartments, depending on the area, and were either purchased by an investor or privately owned and managed by a company which provides some of the same amenities you get with an apartment rental. There are some condos in that started out for sale and were converted to apartments with a leasing office and 24 hour emergency maintenance. Privately owned condos don't usually have the same type of agreement.  

Contacting More Than One Apartment Locator  

When shopping for an apartment locator or apartment finder service, you don't need to call multiple agents. We all have access to the same apartments and rental listings. They may not all be equal in service, experience or property knowledge. Contacting more than one apartment locator can be confusing and only one agent will be paid for your rental. You really don't want to have agents working hard and doing everything they can to assist you with your apartment search, and then not get paid for the service they provided! If you have contacted other apartment locators and provided the same apartment search criteria, "apples to apples", the results or outcome will be the same. On occasion, apartment owners and leasing or management teams will offer deals or specials exclusively through our apartment locator and finder service, but most offer those deals equally to all agents equally, so we can pass them on to you. 


Call me as soon as possible to search for your new apartment home 281-414-5258 or 281-842-7965  Most properties require a written 60 day move out notice, so be sure you have satisfied the terms of your current lease! If you do not give a written move out notice, you will incur a balance to the apartment you are moving from and that could interfere with being approved for your next apartment!



I promise to respect the privacy of my online visitors. The information collected from the website submission forms or guest books will not be sold, distributed or shared. Any information provided by you is used exclusively to assist in your apartment search, and for my eyes only. I'm a licensed real estate sales agent and our business is regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. This site collects cookies or usage data from visitors for user behavior and analytics purposes, only. You will not receive spam as a result of visiting or using the site. servers and email servers are protected with the highest level of virus and security software available.  

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