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Your only obligation to use my service, please remember to tell the leasing offices Kathy Curtis referred you when you visit/tour the properties so they can put it on the Registration Cards or Guest Cards AND list my name on your Rental Applications as the referral source! 

This is the only way they know WHO HELPED YOU FIND THE PROPERTY and it's the only way I'm compensated for assisting you with your apartment search!

Your rent will not increase as a result of using my apartment locator service. We're really on a mission to help you find the perfect apartment home. I'll also help you find the best specials or incentives.   

Below are samples of both a standard Guest Card and Apartment Rental Application

When you tour the apartment communities, the first thing the leasing agents will do is ask a few questions about what your're interested in and they'll fill out a "Guest Card". You may also do this when registering on their website. Please let them know Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators referred you! If you're using the property website to apply, you may be asked to select the referral source, select "apartment locator".  The only way we are paid for our free service to you is if we're listed on BOTH Guest Cards, initial registration and Rental Applications!

Apartment leasing office sample guest card

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Step 1 - GUEST CARD or Online Registration 

<Here's a sample of a leasing office Guest Card   

When you visit the leasing offices, PLEASE tell them "Kathy Curtis, Tx Apartment Locators" referred you OR   

if Registering/Applying online via the property website -  always select "apartment locator", "locator service", or "agent/broker" 

Please call me if you have questions or difficulty.

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Please remember to list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators on your applications as the "how you found the community"

as shown here >

If you apply online via the property website, please select "apartment locator" on both the initial registration prior to reaching the application!  

Call/text if you have any questions or difficulty - prior to submitting your application!

The properties are unable to contact me when you apply, or when your lease has been approved, mostly due to privacy laws. It’s very important to notify me so I can contact the property to obtain the remaining details and be sure things are going as smoothly as possible. Plus I don't know where to send your Gift Card for renting through my service. 


HAA/TAA Apartment Rental Application Form

If you have any questions, or you're unable to find the appropriate section to list my name, please call or text 281-414-5258 prior to submitting your Registration or Application! See a Sample HAA Application here

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1. Apartment Search - Getting Started

Let's discuss what you're looking for - location, price, amenity preferences, date. I'll answer questions, and help with choosing location, floorplan, etc. You'll receive a customized list of recommendations matching your requests via email. This is the easiest way to find your apartment! I know which properties provide the best value for your hard earned money! 

OR Search the database yourself with filters for price, area, and amenities, with access to thousands of apartments in the greater Houston, Texas Metroplex and surrounding neighborhoods outside of Houston.

2. Your Favorites List -   

If you're searching the database yourself, send me your list of favorites and I'll contact them for up to date prices, inquire about availability, ask about specials and discounts to complete the search for you!  OR 

Let me do all the work for you - I'll recommend a list of apartments to match your price and area with the amenities you requested; tell me which of those recommendations you're most interested in viewing;   

3. Visit Your Favorite Apartment Communities or View Online, and Apply

Visit the apartment communities at your convenience or I can make appointments for you; 

OR if you're relocating to the Houston area and unable to view in person, I can assist you with the online rental process via the property websites. Please remember:  let the leasing offices know Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators referred you on all Registrations online, or if visiting in person, tell the leasing agent to list it on the Guest cards! You'll also list my name on the rental/lease applications. This is the only way I am credited for the service I've provided to you, Free!  

Contact me with your apartment rental information and receive a Thank You Gift Card!  

Lease an apartment through Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators Houston and you'll receive a bonus in the form of a Gift card. Let me know which property you're applying for and after our company is paid, I'll send you a Gift Card! Yep, I'm sharing part of my commission with you for leasing through my service! I'd call that winning!    


How can you provide this apartment finder service Free?  

I'm paid by the apartment owner for your lease, it's truly free to you. The management company will send our payment for your rental after you move in, provided your rent is paid on time, and you've lived at the community for 30 to 120 days, and varies by apartment owner and management company representative. We're licensed real estate sales agents and we've done business in this manner in the Houston, Texas area since 1975.  

 AptExpert.com is the best and easiest way to find an apartment - read what people say about my service in our testimonials, on Google and Yelp. There's simply no replacement for service.

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